Philip Stevenson, MSc Exercise Rehabilitation

School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences

Bangor University

My time at Bangor University has been great. What drew me to Bangor was the research conducted by the Sport Science staff and the beauty of the Welsh countryside. I came to Bangor from Phoenix, Arizona in the United States. I studied for my B.Sc in Athletic Training (Sports Medicine) at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona, which made the MSc in Exercise Rehabilitation a perfect fit for me and my academic interests. My academic experience has been worth the work to get here, I have learned from some of the field leading researchers, become a course rep and helped to make the educational experience better for others and gotten involved in the athletics teams that Bangor offers.

My favorite thing to do outside of school is travelling throughout the UK and really enjoying the varying cultures. I have really enjoyed seeing the nearby castles, visiting Scotland and England, and walking in the Welsh countryside. I have also been fortunate enough to visit some places in continental Europe including Barcelona, Paris, Florence, Rome, Venice, and Milan. I think that to be a well-rounded person travelling and learning about other countries and cultures is important.

Now, I am conducting my own original quantitative research on the fascial system, myofascial release and treatment modalities. This research will hopefully be used to help athletes reduce tightness and soreness, and help with sports performance. I feel like the entire staff is supporting my research and is helping me to set up and carry out a great study, and the new physiology labs provide a great setting to conduct my research.

After my time here at Bangor is over, I plan on heading back to the United States to marry my fiancée and work as an Athletic Trainer for a university. I hope to find a position at a prestigious university where I can impact the performance and healthcare of student athletes. I also aim to start volunteering my time with the United States Olympic Committee (with hopes of working an Olympic event) and the performing arts.

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