Clare Sawyer, MSc Demography & Health

Postgraduate Study at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

I was close to finishing my undergraduate degree in geography and decided I wanted to work in a health based setting using my social science background, but knew I needed more skills to do this. My tutor recommended I look at the courses offered by the School. I chose Demography and Health as it fitted nicely with my geography/population studies background as well as encompassing a health component. I could not have dreamed of the new skills I would gain and fascinating people I would meet when I accepted the place.

What really stands out about this course is the dedication of the staff to teach demography as a discipline. I have gained incredible skills in demographic analysis, such as forecasting and projecting populations, as well as an in depth understanding of population structures and the effects this has on health. The skills gained in this course are second to none – taking statistics for population health and epidemiology, epidemiology and demographic methods in the first term seriously boosted my confidence with maths, something I was really worried about! The practical sessions after every lecture ensure that you don’t just listen to someone talk for an hour and forget about everything you heard – they consolidate your knowledge and you truly understand the concepts being discussed. All the skills I have gained stand me in good stead in the graduate job market as I look to continue research in an academic or public sector setting.