Student focus: MSc Economics at the University of Bath

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Graduate School

University of Bath

Meet Javier, an MSc Economics student at the University of Bath.

What made you decide to study Economics at Bath?

I studied Management as an undergraduate in Madrid and then worked two years for Strategy consulting at Deloitte so I wanted to expand my knowledge towards Economics. I wanted to improve my quantitative, analytical and research skills whilst learning about economic policies and institutions surrounding today’s world. Some of my friends who did their undergrad at Bath suggested me that Bath was a very good option to come study Economics.

What aspects of your Master’s degree have you particularly enjoyed?

One of the aspects that I consider the most useful of the master’s degree is the fact that they teach us how to use econometrics packages like Stata, E-views or Matlab, which is really valuable to find a job in the future.

I like that all the material and the topics covered throughout the MSc are very up-to-date with current economic policies and situations so it gives you a deeper understanding of what’s going on in today’s globalised economy. I also like that there is a strong mathematical approach to Economics in a lot of units which is very important to reinforce our quantitative skills and being able to interpret most of the economics problems.

And regarding the teachers, I liked that all of them are very approachable so you can always let them know your doubts or issues about the unit or topics and they are happy to discuss this with you.

Have you faced any challenges in your studies and how have you overcome them?

During my two years of professional experience in Strategy Consulting at Deloitte I didn’t use maths a lot so I was a bit lost with all the equations at the beginning of the MSc but the pre-sessional math course during induction week helped me to be back on track. Also, I did some study on my own to make sure I understood everything perfectly and after a couple of weeks in semester one I started feeling comfortable again with the mathematical problems.

What are your career plans for the future?

In the future, I would like to work for an economic consultancy or any other institutions where their daily work is based on econometrics projects with a strong quantitative and analytical part. I have worked in Strategy Consulting before, so I believe that this past professional experience combined with the economics knowledge the MSc provided me with, I am in a good position to get a job were strong quantitative skills are required and where you have to think outside the box understanding todays economics policies and institutions.

What advice would you give anyone thinking about studying for a Masters at Bath?

To someone planning to come to do a Masters at Bath, I would tell them to take the opportunity because it’s a very good University, the campus is really good and the city is very comfortable as well. I’d say it’s a perfect environment to let you focus on your studies whilst at the same time enjoying social and sport life.

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